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Posted by Jason Moriarty

Real life holograms are no longer a sci-fi movie plot (think S1m0ne); now they are REAL!  Mariah Carey performed live for several cities in Europe a couple of weeks ago – or so people thought. In actuality Mariah Carey’s hologram performed live for several cities in Europe a couple of weeks ago (the video is below). Yes, the future is here and we now have the technology to create realistic human-like holograms!

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Posted by Jason Moriarty

If you’ve ever been told that you need to project more in meetings; I have the perfect solution; a Pico, pocket sized handheld projector! These super-compact, super-light, super-awesome projectors can fit into your pocket and project a crisp, bright image up to 60” wide.

My favorite thing about the pocket Pico is that it can wirelessly connect to your computer, smartphone, or camera so your audience can see what you see. Just be sure to turn your phone on airplane mode as you don’t want a surprise sex(t) message from your Albanian mistress during a presentation.

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@shaunmonson most brilliant film I've ever seen. This work should be disseminated to all. Bravo! When / where is it available for purchase?
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@UnityFilm now that we're past the 12th, where can others watch the film? Showing it only one night is a shame :/ it's an important work!
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