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A ‘how to’ become a biker girl story. I bought a Kawasaki Ninja beginners bike; how the trials of dating led me to it, and why this motorcycle woman inspires authenticity.

A Sexy Foreign Encounter

Last November I began dating a positively delicious man; let’s call him ‘Don.’ To this day, I am unsure as to what it was that made Don so delicious: yes, he was hot, yes, he lived in a TriBeCa loft, yes, he had a high profile job, yes, he had a sexy foreign accent, and even a motorcycle to boot. Whatever it was about Don, the concoction was pretty spot-on. Being quite the charmer, when Don offered me a motorcycle ride around Manhattan during our second date, I –a woman that had never desired to mount a bike—excitedly said, “ok!”

Motorcycles had, up until that point, been pretty terrifying. But I guess oxytocin will make you do crazy things (more on that in another post), and so lo and behold, one Saturday in late November, I took a ride around Manhattan on the back of a Red Ducati. As it turned out, it was one of the most lyrical days of my life.

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