Secrets Revealed: How to Make Money With a Blog

Congratulations, you have just embarked on a journey that can change your life forever! What kind of journey are you going on, you ask? The answer is simple. You are going on a journey to making money! This journey can improve your lifestyle, even allow you to replace your current job with a new one that will make you more money, with less work. And you can enjoy what you’re doing in the process! All you have to do is devote some time and energy into it.

You have probably heard of people that have fun jobs that earn them a ton of money. If you are like most individuals, you envy those people – and that’s normal. The objective of my book is to show you how you can become one of those people. I will show you how you can make money doing something you love, earning MORE than just a comfortable living. This probably sounds good to you, as it does most people (who doesn’t love earning money while doing something fun?).

Are you aware that people begin blogs each minute, publicly posting their thoughts on a limitless array of subjects? Usually bloggers write about their favorite subject – this is what is called a ‘niche.’ What most people don’t know, however, is that this incredibly popular activity is not only fun, but blogging can also be a lucrative business opportunity. It’s for this very reason that blogging has developed into a thriving industry within a very short period.

This was what inspired me to write this book – to share with YOU the secrets of how you can be part of this growing industry, so you can also make money with a blog!

In my book, you will learn everything you need to do in order to create and profit from your own blog website. I will guide you through every step of the process – from beginning to end – of how to create and monetize an engaging blog, filled with the content of your choice. You can write about anything you want, on any subject you want, and if you proceed correctly, make money doing so. In fact, even if you don’t want to write, you can have someone else do it for you, as you will learn later by reading my book.

My book will show you the many ways you can monetize a blog. Here is a brief overview of some concepts my book will teach you about making money with a blog:

Generating Traffic to Your Blog

First, you will learn how to generate traffic to your site. Traffic is essential. The more people you get to visit your blog, the more money you can make. There are many things that you can do to generate traffic for your blog. Here are some of the traffic generating concepts that I will explain to you in my book:

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Social media
  • Public relations and celebrity placement
  • Affiliating
  • Guest blogging
  • YouTube video marketing
  • Newsletters and email marketing
  • Web directory listing and link building
  • Using tools to make sure your traffic generation efforts actually work!

How to Monetize a Blog and Make Money

Knowing these terms and what they mean is key to driving traffic, but that is only your first step to making money. After learning these concepts, you’ll find there are multiple money-making paths to choose from, each with options of their own. Here are some of the concepts included in my book:

  • Advertising methods to make money, like affiliating, content networking, PPC advertising and Google AdSense methods of advertising.
  • Selling products or services.
  • When your following grows, you can even sell you blog to someone else to make a profit of 10 to 50 times your initial investment!

How to Create an Engaging Blog

There are many more secrets to making money with a blog revealed within my book. But before I can discuss them, you’ll first need to learn how to create an engaging blog that people will want to follow!

The first section of my book will be devoted to instructing you on how to create and establish an engaging blog. It will guide you through the entire process, from choosing what you want to blog about to actually setting up your blog website and writing the content – or having someone else write it for you. This will allow you to create your blog the right way from the start, so that you waste no time in generating traffic and earning money from it!

Here are some of the topics that are covered step-by-step in the first section of my book:

  • What to Blog About: Niches to Pick
  • The Top Blogging Platforms to Try
  • Creating Content for Your Blog
  • Writing the Content Yourself or Hiring Writers

Blogging is a fun activity but it can be more than just fun if you learn the principles outlined in my book. As you read, you will realize that working eight hours a day to survive isn’t living. My book will empower you with the knowledge you need to self-improve your lifestyle through blogging. You’ll learn how to become an entrepreneur in an enjoyable business that can earn you money, just like I did!

By purchasing my book right now, you will be making the decision to start a profitable blogging business that lets you self-improve and reinvent your lifestyle! So if you’re ready to get started, download my book now!


Renee Schmidt

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Renee Schmidt is the founder and CEO of, a respected technology blog. Frequently featured on Fox News, Renee is a professional blogger.

Learn more about Renee Schmidt, or Contact if you have any questions.

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