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Need an assistance app? Siri is the best “personal assistant” application, able to assist you virtually with a wide array of plans such as making restaurant reservations, buying movie tickets, finding out what’s going on this weekend, and a whole bunch more.

Before we tell you more about Siri, let me first rejoice… we finally made it!  This is the last of our much beloved “Best 30 Apps For…” series, and we hope you’re as sad to see it go as SheBytes is. The series has covered a variety of areas, in order to try and accommodate for a wide range of interests.  We’ve done posts on apps for: Gaming, Photography, DJing, Sports, International Calling, Socializing and even Drinking!

SheBytes sincerely thanks you for keeping up to date with the apps and hopes you found them useful and were able to share the info with friends and family (scroll down to the end for the full list of 30)!

Without further ado, here we go:

Have you been looking for an app, that’s essentially an uber-intuitive secretary, just waiting to help you out with your daily activities?

Siri is the answer!

The coolest part of Siri’s functionality is its similarity to an actual and physical personal assistant.

Instead of entering in manually what you are interested in doing, Siri has a superbly clever “Speak now…” feature which is definitely the push over the cliff. Just speak to Siri; hit “Tap here when done” and Siri will begin assisting you with whatever you’re interested in.

For example, let’s say you’re running around the city like a chicken with its head cut off, looking for a bathroom…we’ve all been there!

Just ask Siri where the closest public restroom is and relax, because Siri’s handling it…

Download Siri for free, and let us know what you think, below!

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  • Dan DuBose

    It might be the difference in what type of work you do, but I use DropBox and Splashtop frequently.  Splashtop allows you to stream your desktop to the iPad via your Google log in.  If you jailbreak the iPad you can use a bluetooth mouse to make things easier.

    For entertainment I like the TuneIn Radio app.  Allows access to your favorite radio stations.  I like it for news and sports while working.