Posted by Jesse Braunstein

Gist, our best app pick for contacts management, is designed to bring ease to the networking self.

Did you know there’s an app that gets rid of all the hassle involved in managing your numerous contacts and various address books?

Download the app, for free, because, like you, Gist knows that “your contacts are everywhere.”

Gist’s cool “Dashboard” allows you to quickly see “What’s Going On” in your network.

While your contacts “are in email, social networks, on your mobile phone and many other sources, Gist brings” them all, “into one place, to give you a full view of your network.”

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  • Mich

    thanks for this helpful list!
    would add some suggestions:
    #1 would rather use MSN or Yahoo messanger or my dear multifunctional Skype
    #5 eBay
    #7 Napster or iTunes
    #11 Techinline remote software -perfect alternative to all complicated and expensive apps.
    #15 PayPal

  • Jesse Braunstein

    Glad you’re finding them helpful Michelle! I’m definitely going to keep this feedback in mind when I do future app posts.

    For your comments on the 7th app post; “Pandora”, I just loved Pandora because of the way it helps you discover new music by giving you a free listen, molded by your interests.