Posted by Jesse Braunstein

Bump is our pick for best networking app because it will allow you to trade your vital information with another mobile device user through a simple device-bump.

The free app is one of my newest favorites! Unlike forthcoming NFC technology, Bump’s functionality is based solely on the device’s ability to sense a “bump” and an internet connection, (not even Bluetooth is required).

All you have to do is download Bump, which is available free for both Apple and Android devices. To get started, open the app and hit Settings> Edit> Create My Contact. “From here you can select a photo…and fill out any of the information you wish!”

When you meet someone who you’d like to share your digital business card with, just get to the “Ready to Bump” screen and bump your devices. Now you will be connected to that person.

Once connected, “you can share photos, music, apps, other people’s contact information, compare calendars and send invites, even connect on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn right on the spot!” You can also “interact with social networks in” the “new chat feature, without having to Bump again”. 

This app is perfect for the next time you ‘bump’ into someone. :)

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