Posted by Jesse Braunstein


Did you know Seamless is a free app that you can use for dining, to order food, straight from your device? Making payment, and all!

The app is called Seamless, just like the website of the same name, and basically offers all of the common functionality but turns it completely mobile!

For those of you unfamiliar with Seamless, it is a site that makes finding nearby restaurants, browsing menus electronically, sending your request and payment in and ordering food to your door, completely seamless (hence, the name).

Its partner in crime app now boasts a network of 14 major US cities and a database with thousands of restaurants. Seamless has filters that allow you to sort the food choices by “Time”, (when you’re absolutely starving), and by “$ Min”, (when you’re eating on a budget).

My personal favorite feature is the ability to use your current location as a base and allow Seamless to show you all of the closest eatery options. Being in NYC, I use the app frequently just to find nearby restaurants when I happen to be somewhere and haven’t made solid dining plans. The Seamless app is perfect at quickly highlighting bordering restaurants, which never leaves me unprepared; even on a poorly planned date.

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