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WhatsApp is our pick for best app for messaging! An app that allows you to exchange messages without having to pay for SMS!

It’s true; it’s called WhatsApp and it can be downloaded right here! WhatsApp is extremely seamless and pragmatic to use because it automatically imports all of your contacts, which allows you to easily invite your friends. The app works just like BBM (BlackBerry Messenger), and is perfect for keeping in touch when you’re abroad as their are no additional charges. It features “Group Chat”, “Push Notifications” and a cool “Custom Status” option which lets you tell everyone what’s going on with you.

In addition to unlimited text messages, the app will enable you to send unlimited “images, video and audio messages.” WhatsApp is available not only for the iPhone, but also for your Blackberry, Android and Nokia devices.

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We always love to hear feedback from our readers, so drop us a line in the comments below and feel free to suggest cool apps we could add into the series!

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    Hey Amy,
    I’ll definitely give textPlus a try the first chance I get and I’ll let you know what I think…Thanks for the comment and keep reading SheBytes!