Posted by Renee Schmidt

What is the most dangerous question on earth?  The answer is in this inspiring segment by Bryan Franklin, one of the world’s most successful executive coaches.  Every entrepreneur or aspiring entrepreneur must watch!

Top 2 Take Aways:

1. a defining factor to leadership is the ability to hold paradox;

2. don’t maintain things; re-enrapture yourself with things.

Take a moment and imagine a version of your self that has no shame, nothing to prove, nothing to hide, and nothing to lose… now ask yourself: what do you want?

  • Elizabeth Boylan

    Thanks for posting this video Renee. It’s the first time I heard of @Bryan_Franklin. There’s so many life coaches/ motivational speakers out there. It’s great to learn about someone who focuses on guiding entrepreneurs and executives in a principled manner toward excellence.

  • Renee Schmidt

    I totally agree. I love the concept of paradox and I was impressed when Bryan mentioned it. Contradiction is when two things try to cancel each other out. Paradox is when two opposites coexist together. Life is all about paradox. If it’s a paradox, you know its true.